Outlice® Repellent lotion

Outlice® Repellent lotion is a biocidal product without alcohol and without insecticide.
Its lemon eucalyptus oil extract repels head lice and nits.
The results of the tests and studies show that this extract can be used in formulations until a rate of 20 % without cutaneous irritation.
Its efficiency and its low toxicity are due to its high purity.

Scientifically proven efficacy!

Its very good repulsive activity was demonstrated on the human lice by a laboratory of ectoparasite located in France which is an authority of reference in this sector.

Experiment: A natural and tied hair strand was soaked in this lotion or the placebo, then placed in a disc of Parafilm in the center of the sight. Lice batches were placed on the Parafilm paper around the center of the sight. In order to evaluate its efficacy, the positioning of the lice on the sight was observed and noted 5 then 15 minutes after the lice were placed on the sight.

The samples of hair soaked by the various tested products previously, were then preserved in Petri dishes. To test the persistence, new lice were placed according to the procedure previously described at the end of 24 hours. The positioning of the lice on the sight was then observed, then noted 5 and 15 minutes after the lice were placed on the sight.

Results: Outlice® Repellent lotion showed at 15 minutes, a repellent effect at 88% which was very satisfying compared to the placebo. This was even more satisfying after 24 hours (for the persistence) because the repellent effect was significant from 5 minutes!

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