Woundil® Gel

Woundil® Gel, the product to apply in case of burns:

Superficial burns (1st degree and surface 2nd degree burns) are the least serious but most common burns. According to the World Health Organization, it affect approximately 300 000 people per year in France. There are various type of minor and superficial burns like household burns, sunburn, chafing, heating… A suitable and quick solution is required to effectively reduce the burning sensation in an optimal manner, to protect the damaged area from any possible risk of localised infection and finally to aid regeneration of the skin.

Woundil® Gel, will, first, sooth the damaged area thanks to its gel texture. The moisturizing action of the Hydraster® will allow the skin to reach a maximal amount of water. Thus, more moisturized and more oxygenated, the cells of the epidermis will regenerate more efficiently. This maximal amount of water is maintained thanks to the hydroxethylcellulose contained in Woundil® Gel. This active ingredient has a barrier and filmogenic effects that not only avoid water from evaporating but also protect the damaged area from any possible risk of localised infection.

Scientifically proven efficacy!

Results of clinical trials* carried out by independent institutes of expertise:

  • overall satisfaction: 85%
  • rapid and non-scarring healing: 91%
  • excellent cutaneous barrier: 94%


*Studies conducted on 445 participants presenting different types of burns.

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