Woundil® Cicacream

Woundil® Cicacream for an optimal skin regeneration:

On a daily basis, the skin is mistreated and suffers many attacks that can be present in different ways: appearance of dry patches, chapping, stretch marks, grazes, tingling (following a laser removal)… Badly treated, they can leave marks for life! Although healing is a natural phenomenon, the use of an appropriate skin care product helps to optimise the regeneration process of the epidermis. 

After disinfecting the damaged area of the skin with Woundil® Disinfectant spray, the cure can be completed by applying Woundil® Cicacream. The Hydraster® contained in this product will especially have a moisturizing power allowing an optimal skin regeneration. Moreover, Woundil® Cicacream contains Xalifin 15 which is a complex of fatty substances that brings suppleness and elasticity to the epidermis, thus allowing a better healing process.

Scientifically proven efficacy!

Results of the dermatological study* carried out by an independent institute of expertise:

  • moisturised skin: 80 %
  • beautified skin: 73 %
  • soothed skin: 73 %
  • protected skin: 70 %
  • regenerated skin: 70 %
  • repaired skin: 67 % 

*Study conducted on 30 volunteers with a damaged skin and / or presenting stretch marks or scars, for 56 days.

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