To maintain a daily ear

It is a medical device without paraben and propellant.

It contains isotonic saline solution that dissolves dusts and existing plugs of earwax and prevents any further formation. Contrary to other competitive products using hypertonic or hypotonic solution, an isotonic solution will not cause any osmotic unbalance. Cerufree® is also composed of propylene glycol and sodium lauroyl sarcosinate which are 2 surfactants having a strong cerumenolytic effect. Therefore, both will reinforce the effect of the saline solution thus helping to break down the earwax into smaller particles.

Scientifically proven efficacy!

An in vitro study carried out by a company specialized in research has allowed to compare the kinetic of earwax dissolution using Cerufree®, a main competitive product Audispray® and water (used as a witness). After 20 minutes, the earwax dissolution reached 24% with Audispray® and 36% with Cerufree®. And after45 minutes, the cerumenolytic effect of Audispray® stagnate with an earwax dissolution of 28% whereas it reached up to 46% with Cerufree®!


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