Whatever is the age, whatever the period of the year, it is essential to prepare the body to avoid the imbalance in vitamins. Vitamins are essential to the body for the maintenance of the vital balance. While some vitamins are synthesized by the body, others are essentially brought by food. However, the daily needs in vitamins change according to the age or in case of deficiencies. Thus, it is important to bring them through supplements.

Ever in search of innovation, Laboratoire Mergens has developed a range of vitamins in spray form, thus reinventing the classic galenic form of vitamins usually found in tablets or capsules.

Vita D300 – Adultes

Sprays vitaminés à base de vitamine D3

Vita B – Adultes

Spray vitaminé à base de vitamine B12

Vita D200 – Femmes enceintes

Spray vitaminé à base de vitamines D3, B1, B6 & B9

VitaMix – Adultes

Spray multivitaminé

Vita D – Enfants

Spray vitaminé à base de vitamine D3

VitaMix – Enfants

Spray multivitaminé

Why in the form of sprays ?

  • Handy and easy: thanks to a compact spray format easy to use and carry, taking vitamins has never been so easy. Vitamins can be taken wherever we want, whenever we want and without water !
  • A range for the whole family: for all those who do not like swallowing tablets, in particular children, spray are a good alternative. It is also a way that is less painful and less unpleasant than an intravenous injection or an introduction of suppository. Furthermore, these sprays have sweet, fruity, and pleasant tastes even for the children who are going to adore them!
  • A very fast absorption : In the form of spray, vitamins are already dissolved. Therefore, while sprayingunder the tongue, vitamins are quickly absorbed by the numerous blood capillaries present in the oral cavity. Various studies indicate that the absorption of active ingredients by a spray is 9 times better thann those of the tablets. It can be explained by the fact that active ingredients being quickly absorbed into the blood circulation will be directly distributed in all the body without going through the digestive system.
  • Bypass the digestive system: vitamins contained in tablets or capsules undergo transformations in the digestive system before being distributed in the body. On the contrary, vitamins in the form of spray being quickly absorbed into the bloodstream will be directly distributed in all the body. Thus, it allows a better bioavailability. Furthermore, it is a good alternative for the people having disorders of digestive system or suffering from fat malabsoprtion.

Scientifically proven efficacy !

Various scientific studies demonstrate the advantages of taking vitamins in the form of spray rather than in the form of tablets.

Among them, a clinical trial realized by a Swiss laboratory for 5 months compares the percentage of increase of the vitamin D3 after 30 days of treatment with tablets or spray in 14 healthy people and 14 people suffering from fat malabsoprtion.

These results indicate a better increase of the level of vitamin D3 in healthy people and, especially in unhealthy people after the use of spray rather than tablets of vitamin D3.

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