They play a fundamental role, not only in our perception of the outside world, but also in the daily communication. To work well, they produce earwax: a yellow wax which greases the auditory canal and constitutes a protection against bacteria. Often, under the influence of outer factors (atmospheric and sound pollution, wearing of audio headset), he ear produces too much earwax or fails to remove any excess that gradually accumulates in the auditory tract and forms what we commonly call “earwax plugs”. These plugs of earwax cause diverse inconveniences: hearing embarrassment, pains, dizzinesses or even tinnitus (resulting from a pressure of the earwax at the level of the eardrum).


Ear care spray

Cerufree® is an ear spray for daily ear hygiene that dissolves earwax plugs and cleanses the auditory tract, thus helping to maintain good ear hygiene


Spray for auditory well-being

Calmaspray® is an ear spray against buzzing and whistling that reduces tinnitus resulting from the pressure of earwax on the eardrum

What is the link between earwax plugs and tinnitus?

The plug of earwax is one of the most treated pathologies in otolaryngologic clinics in the world because it can affect every person without distinction of age. Plugs of earwax contribute to the dysfunction of the eardrum by causing a pressure and a change of its vibrations, so contributing to an erroneous sound information and to a development of tinnitus.

Tinnitus (from ancient greek « ακούω » meaning «hearing » and « φωνή » meaning « voices ») is the perception of a sound which does not come from the outside. It is perceptible only by the affected subject and can take several forms: whistling, humming, ringing, crackling, pulsation, hyperacusis or even the sensation of having blocked ear. According to a scientific article published in 2013[1], 10 % a 15 % of the world population would suffer from tinnitus in a permanent, occasional or temporary way.

A study led during one year[2] on 437 subjects affected by earwax plugs besides comes to confirm the link of cause with effect between excess of earwax and tinnitus: among all the caused inconveniences, 53.5 % of the subjects (that is 234 patients) declare to perceive noises in their ears: appearance of tinnitus.

Thus, Laboratory Mergens has specially developed the range of Auditory Comfort allowing to take care of ears for a better hearing comfort and a better quality of hearing. This range consists of 2 complementary hearing sprays: Cerufree® to maintain a daily hygiene of ears and Calmaspray® to restore the peace in ears.

[1] B. Langguth et al., Tinitus : caudes and clinical management, The Lancet Neurology (2013) vol. 12 p. 920-930
[2] W. Adegbiji et al., Earwax Impaction: Symptoms, Predisposing Factors and Perception among Nigerians, J Family Med Prim Care (2014 Oct-Dec); vol. 3(4) p. 379–382

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