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Except dandruff, there is well another parasite than we would not like to accommodate on the scalp: it is about head lice! They affect mainly the children between 3 and 12 years. They nest on the scalp and feed on some blood of the host. Itches and irritations are then felt at the level of the scalp. We also observe the appearance of small red hurts in the location of every new sting. Finally, in 50 % of the cases, there is presence of pruritus. Furthermore, lice give birth to nits which remain hung on to the root of hair.

From then on, the use of a complete and suitable anti-lice and nits treatment is essential to obtain an optimal result. 

In answer to this problem, Laboratory Mergens has specially elaborated a range offering preventive and curative products with naturally sourced active ingredients allowing to say “Get out to lice!”. Thus, the name of this range: Outlice®.


Shampooing anti-poux et lentes


Soin Anti-poux & lentes


Lotion répulsive


Natural products or optimal effectiveness: why choose?

Whilst many brands offer anti-lice and anti-nits treatments, very few offer both natural and effective products.
This range provides 3 non-toxic and non-irritant formulas thanks to naturally sourced active ingredients. Finally, the products of the Outlice® range are guaranteed paraben-free and contain no alcohol or insecticide.

To avoid infestation by head lice:

Outlice® repellent lotion with lemon eucalyptus oil extract repels head lice and nits.

To treat infestation by head lice:

Outlice® anti-lice and nits shampoo with coconut extract, eradicates 100 % of head lice and nits in 1 single application.
Moreover, its hypoallergenic formula is completely safe for the scalp.
Finally, gone is the struggle with the lice comb thanks to its oily texture that naturally detaches head lice and nits from the hair.

Outlice® anti-lice and nits treatment with coconut extract, eradicates 100 % of head lice and nits in 1 single application.
Moreover, its effectiveness has been tested on thick and frizzy hair.
Finally, its finely shaped applicator provides precise targeted action.

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