Outlice® Anti-lice and nits treatment

Outlice® Anti-lice and nits treatment is a medical device without alcohol and without insecticide. It is non-toxic, non-irritant and non-polluting.
Its coconut extract eradicates head lice and nits in 1 single application.
Moreover, its effectiveness has been tested on thick and frizzy hair.
Finally, its finely shaped applicator provides precise targeted action.

Scientifically proven efficacy!

Its efficacy was demonstrated on the human lice by a laboratory of ectoparasite located in France which is an authority of reference in this sector.

Experiment : the lice were placed in a filter paper in a Petri dish then washed distilled water for the placebo or with the anti-lice lotion that diffuse quickly on the whole filter paper. After a contact time of 45 minutes, lice were washed with a soft shampoo and rinse with water. It is then placed at room temperature in the laboratory, the dishes are kept open. Observations are made immediately, after 1 hour and after 24 hours. A similar experiment was carried out with nits following a method more appropriate for nits.

Results: The study showed an excellent efficacy of Outlice® Anti-lice and nits treatment against lice because 100% of lice were knock-down after 1 hour and dead after 24 hours. Moreover, 98% of nits were non-hatched or dead at hatching.

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