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Hands are directly exposed to external attack that causes accelerated cell aging. The skin dries out and dark spots appear.
Nerola® Lightening anti-dark spot cream for the hands is a high performance skin care product that has been specially designed for fair skin to answer that issue.
Its plant-based active ingredients act in synergy to reduce dark spots and prevent their appearance.
The skin is unified, smoothed and restored to its youthful look.


- reduces
dark spots and prevents their appearance

- nourishes and protects

the anti-dark spot cream to the hands morning and evening paying particular attention to areas where brown spots are present.
Massage gently in.
A unique formula, the “Nerola® Lightening Phytocomplex”, which combines harmless and high performance active ingredients:

White mulberry, Japanese mandarin and UP: reduce dark spots and prevent their appearance thanks to their action of inhibiting melanin

Vitamin E: combats oxidative stress (antioxidant action)

Provitamin B5: repairs and soothes

Vitamin A: adds suppleness and elasticity to the skin

Complex of fatty acids: intensely nourishes the skin

UVA/UVB filters: protect against the harmful effects of the sun (premature cell aging and appearance of dark spots)

of the clinical study* conducted by an independent institue of expertise:

- reduction in the colour of dark spots: 71%

- suppler skin: 77%

- smoother skin: 77%

*Study conducted on 17 women presenting with dark spots for 56 days.

- its
non-aggressive and paraben-free formula

- its anti-aging corrective action

- its pleasant texture, non-oily and easy to apply