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logo crème solaire visage nerola sun protector
logo crème solaire visage nerola sun protector
Choose the ideal sun shield!

In sunshine, we are exposed to 2 types of ultraviolet rays (UV):

- UVBs, responsible for sunburn

- UVAs, responsible for cellular aging
Although they have no immediate visible effect, they penetrate deep within the skin and accelerate its aging (appearance of dark spots, wrinkles…).

Sun products contain either chemical solar filters, or mineral solar filters, or both:

- chemical filters penetrate the epidermis where they create an absorbent barrier that neutralises the UV rays

- mineral filters do not penetrate the epidermis but create an hermetic and reflective barrier on the skin’s surface that deflects the UV rays

Nerola® sun cream has a 50+ SPF, which makes it a real sun shield!
Thanks to its double protection system combining chemical solar filters and mineral sunscreens, it provides a total protection against UV rays (sunburn, premature cell aging, appearance of dark spots…) during exposure to the sun.
The skin is protected, dark spots and sunburn are prevented.


- protects
against sunburn

- prevents the appearance of dark spots

- maintains the youthful of your skin

generously the sun cream to the face, neckline and hands prior to exposure to the sun.
Avoid the eye contour area.
Renew frequently.

White mulberry: contributes to a uniform suntan thanks to its action of inhibiting melanin

filters: protect against the harmful effects of the sun (to a more rigorous level than the European recommendation)

Vitamine E: protects the skin from premature cell aging (antioxidant action)

- its
50+ SPF* that offers a very high protection

- its pleasant perfume

- its rich texture that leaves no trace of white marks on the skin

* Sun Protection Factor