Calmaspray® - Spray for auditory well-being

Spray for auditory well-being

Are you troubled by unwanted noise (ear buzzing, ear whistling…) that makes your life difficult?
It’s time to restore peace to your ears with Calmaspray®!

Its unique formula contains an anti-tensor active ingredient that helps to reduce tinnitus* and, therefore, noise interference present in the ears.
Re-establishing auditory comfort helps to provide improved concentration and a reduction in the level of stress caused by this nuisance.
You will re-discover utter peace once more!

*Resulting from the pressure of earwax on the eardrum.

  1. 1
    • gently cleanses the ear and dissolves away earwax
    • reduces, if not eradicates, tinnitus (ear buzzing, ear whistling…) without damaging the auditory canal
    • restores auditory comfort, thus improving concentration and reducing the stress linked to the nuisance
  2. 2

    2 sprays per day (morning & evening) for 1 month.
    Repeat as required several times per year.
    From the age of 6.

  3. 3

    Sea salts: assist in dissolving and removing dust and wax particles

    Caroverex®: complex based on caroverine, an antispasmodic with soothing and calming properties

  4. 4

    Results of the clinical study* conducted by an independent institute of expertise:

    • overall satisfaction: 83 %
    • reduction or total eradication of unwanted noise (tinnitus): 76 %
    • improved concentration: 69 %
    • reduction of stress linked to the nuisance: 66 %

    *Study conducted on 30 patients for 30 days (beneficial effect noted after one month’s use).

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